This quarter was a great one for Arcules and our customers. In our continuing effort to provide our customers with the best cloud-VMS possible we’ve rolled out some significant updates and new features to the Arcules platform, making it smarter, more intuitive and flexible.

So, what did we roll out for our customers this quarter? Here’s a list of some of the main features:

  • 2-Way Audio
  • On-Camera Detections
  • Mobile App Enhancements
  • Video Playlist
  • User Defined Devices
  • New Micro Gateway
  • More!

You can see just from the list above how excited we are to continue to add value to our cloud VMS customers’ service! Let’s take a closer look at some of the product updates we’ve rolled out for you this quarter.

2-Way Audio

Monitor and deter with audio + AI video surveillance
With 2-way audio, users can combine video with audio to enhance situational awareness and response capabilities. Customers with AXIS audio devices and cameras with built in audio capabilities can listen to live audio, record audio to be played back with video and save audio to case files as evidence. When used with live pushed audio, users can use 2-way audio for proactive security response, facilitate safety procedures or enhance business operations.

  • Listen to live audio.
  • Playback video with synced audio.
  • Save audio to evidence.
  • Utilize audio for live security talk-down.
  • Conduct audio-facilitated safety measures.
  • Enhance operations with employee/customer announcements.

On-Camera Detection

Enjoy cloud operability with the power of on-camera detections

The Arcules platform already includes several camera integrations where users can use on-camera detection capability within our rule creation and alarm management. For users with Axis cameras, we’ve expanded the types of Axis Object Analytics (AOA) that can be utilized. Users can now use line crossing, loitering, and counting analytics to set up rules and create alarms – giving you the power to detect more involved security events or create alerts for the operations side of your business.


Mobile App Enhancements

Monitor video, playback events and receive alerts in the palm of your hand.

Nowadays more security personnel, business owners and residential users want access to their security system while on the go, away from their desk, and after business hours. We continue to expand our IOS and Android mobile app to enhance this user experience. In our latest update we’ve incorporated a new easy-to-use video timeline that includes object detection and a one-handed portrait mode operation. Users can Instantly locate detections with sequence markers for rapid and informed decision-making, streamlining the search process, and reducing the time needed to find critical events!

Video Playlist

Set up and view live video feeds efficiently and effectively

Many organizations have the need to view a large number of video feeds to monitor traffic situations, manufacturing processes, retail operations or property management. The newly introduced Playlist allows users to organize a collection of sequenced camera views allowing for more efficient monitoring and improved situational awareness. With Playlist users can:

  • Create custom playlists by grouping views together.
  • Define the sequence in which views are displayed
  • Set time intervals between each camera view.
  • Toggle into fullscreen mode for an immersive view.

Data Integrations & Monitoring

Easily monitor and share data between devices and sensors

The Arcules platform is all about being an open architecture. Our latest update includes many new interface options to allow users to leverage their third party apps to monitor and share information with our cloud platform. External devices and systems can now pull video thumbnails to further enhance their capabilities, new rule driven webhooks  automates the efficient sharing of cloud data with external devices. Users can now integrate their own specific device or sensor information to allow them to create custom rules and alarms to fit the unique needs of their business.

Micro Gateway

Cost-effective edge capability for smaller camera deployments

Every business is unique in the deployment of their cloud capability. At Arcules users can deploy as a pure cloud, edge cloud (which uses a small onsite gateway), a camera to cloud configuration (which requires no gateway), or a mixture of each. Camera to cloud is great for locations with a small number of cameras, but often users want the advantages that come with an onsite gateway, but their budget may not allow for one of our current gateway options or it’s more capable than they need at a particular site. The new micro gateway was introduced to meet this need. It’s perfect for locations with low camera counts that want a budget friendly, edge solution.

But wait there’s more!

In our continued focus on reliability, usability and performance, the platform now uses WebRTC for improved video performance and bandwidth management; we implemented a single ISO image to streamline global installs; and created an online NetReady tool to allow users to proactively identify any network compatibility issues – just to name a few!

Looking for More Details Around Our Latest Updates?

As an Arcules customer, you might have seen some of the innovations and updates in your Arcules VMS already. Do you have any questions about a certain release? Feel free to reach out to our customer experience team, enter your question in the Arcules chat feature  or visit our product knowledge base to get more info.

If you’re not an Arcules customer but curious how to start your journey to the cloud, we’re happy to show you how to make the transition easy! Simply click here to get a demo.