Got Questions? We Have Answers!


#1 – What is Milestone Kite™ powered by Arcules?

Milestone announced Kite™ in October, 2022 as their first cloud VMS. The solution is powered by the Arcules cloud platform. It offers the same features as Arcules, but is branded specifically for Milestone as Kite™. Milestone Kite™ is sold, promoted, and supported by Milestone.

#2 – What is the relationship between Milestone and Arcules?

Milestone and Arcules are both Canon Group companies and operate independently. Arcules, Inc. spun out of Milestone in 2017 with the freedom to execute a cloud-native, VSaaS approach to VMS. That strategy enabled both companies to focus on their core competencies while maintaining a fruitful, open line of communication and cooperation.

#3 – Why are they sharing technology?

The primary goal of the expanded partnership is to accelerate innovation for customers through the combination of Milestone’s video management solutions and Arcules’ cloud video services. In sharing technology, both companies are also aiming to help customers speed their digital transformation efforts by rapidly deploying more secure, flexible video applications designed for modern security and business applications.

#4 – Does this change Arcules’ current Cloud VMS offerings?

No. Arcules will continue to lead the Cloud VMS market with easy-to-use features, proven scalability, and open flexibility. Since the Arcules solution and Kite™ run on the same Arcules platform, as new features and enhancements become available to Arcules customers, these same features will be available to Milestone Kite™ customers.

#5 – Does Arcules sell Milestone Kite™? Who supports the solution?

The Kite™ solution is 100% marketed, sold and promoted by Milestone. Milestone resellers and tech support will interface directly with the Kite™ end-user customers.

#6 – If I own a Milestone XProtect system and I want to add cloud, can I choose either Kite™ or the Arcules Cloud VMS?

Yes. You can work with your sales manager at either Milestone or Arcules to help determine what makes sense for you.


Where can I learn more?

You can read our Milestone Kite™ announcement on our News Feed.

If you are an existing Milestone XProtect Corporate user and want to further understand how you can integrate with Arcules, please check out the
Arcules Plugin for Milestone XProtect.